Cannulated Compression Screw System

2.2MM, 2.7MM, 3.2MM, 4.0MM

The Avanti Cannulated Compression Screw System contains meticulously designed and manufactured implants to address the wide array of reconstructive and reparative procedures amenable to screw fixation. Cannulation allows precise placement while self-drilling/self-tapping stainless steel screws with reverse cutting threads and hexalobular drivers ease insertion and removal. Color-coded, modular, streamlined packaging is easy to use. Headless design allows for low- or no-profile implantation while threads are designed to allow for interfragmentary compression and speed healing. Move forward with Avanti!

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Diagnosis/procedure specific approach and surgical exposure


Choose size(s) of implant appropriate for specific application. Instruments for each respective screw size are color coded by screw diameter. (see reference chart on the last page).

Place guide wire using standard open or percutaneous technique under direct or arthroscopic-assisted visualization with intra-operative imaging.


Once wire accurate placement of guide wire is confirmed, measure length with appropriate depth gauge. Be sure to account for desired final low-profile or no-profile screw position.

Advance pin either bicortically or trans-articularly to avoid inadvertent pin removal.

Add additional wires as indicated for intended additional screw(s) and/or provisional fixation.


Drill with the appropriate cannulated drill with imaging guidance. In hard bone, the entire intended path of the screw should be drilled.


If the outer cortex/subchondral bone is hard, the appropriate countersink may be used.


Insert the screw burying the head flush or recessed in the outer cortex or at least 2mm below the joint surface.


Check screw(s) position. Remove wire.

Cannulated Compression Screw Set

**Cannulated Drill and K-Wire Guide
**K-Wire Depth Gauge
**Quick Release Screw Driver Handle
**Ratchet Screw Driver Handle

*Single Use
**Reusable – cleaning and sterilization information in the instructions for use

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