Avanti Orthopaedics is an implant company seeking to evolve the art and science of osseous fixation.  Born from decades of frontline surgical experience, Avanti Orthopaedics designs and manufactures next generation orthopaedic implants that stand apart.

Bidirectionally angled screws, far-cortical locking fixation, variable-angle fixation with PEEK-OPTIMA composite plates and very low profile implants are several unique elements incorporated into the evolutionary design of our implants. This combination of features aim to achieve secure fixation while decreasing overall construct stiffness to limit stress shielding and speed bone healing.

To further distinguish our product line from the pack, Avanti Orthopaedics has designed and manufactured bespoke instrumentation, such as the Dynamic Device, to give the surgeon next level tools to facilitate osseous manipulation and fixation.

Our committed, efficient and innovative team awaits you.

Move forward with Avanti!